V-60  Castings :

V-60 wear strips and flights are one of the most effective abrasion resistant materials on the market today. V-60 is particularly effective in areas where sliding abrasion and corrosion are problems. We have many patterns for modular screw conveyor flights, blow line elbows, and wear strips for surface area protection from wear.

Mechanical Properties:

Typical Rockwell Hardness : 60 Rc ( Not Recommended for severe impact)

Temperature Range: Melting point of up to 2400 Deg. F. Keeps a 40 Rc hardness at 1800 Deg. F.

Durability: Lasts up to 10 to 12 times AR400 wear plate




Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate and Pipe:

One of the most versatile wear products available. Used for severe wear impact areas. Can be used to line any surface wear area, screw conveyors, and pipe from as small as 2” O.D.+ and much more.




MTI’S exclusive TC-900 is a tungsten carbide overlay that has been an industry leader for years. It is most commonly used in high impact wear areas. It’s rough surface is ideal for a hammermill¬† parts, rock crushers, bucket liners, and screw conveyor flights to name a few.




A smooth nickel based overlay ideal for extreme wear and abrasion application. Works well in extreme heat environments as well. We have has success in chemical, oil and gas, and pulp and paper industry.




We offer ceramic tile liners, coatings, and brushable applications to meet our customers needs.



AR Plate:

Extensive experience fabricating with AR-400 to AR-600 Wear plate




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