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Metal Tech (MTI) is a family-owned business that can trace its roots back to the early 1970’s to a backyard shop of Charles Funk, Sr. where he dedicated his skills to the rebuilding and hard-surfacing of hammers. Mr. Funk is the backbone and inspiration for what is now Metal Tech Inc. He owned Metal Parts Inc. for almost 30 years and established his reputation as an expert in metallurgy, with several U.S. Patents to his name. His patented wear products are at the core of MTI today. The V-60 alloy and TC-900 tungsten carbide overlay are MTI’s primary products that play a major role in the increase of service life and reduction of downtime in many industries today. The #1 goal for MTI is to provide a superior wear product for all industries served and to continue to solve our customers severe wear issues.

From our backyard shop roots, MTI has grown to have over 22,000 square feet of fabrication space, along with an additional 10,000 square feet of CNC and manual machine shop services. We have grown into a national leader among job shops specializing in wear and abrasion resistant alloys. We are a ASME Code certified shop with “R” and “U” stamps. MTI specializes in custom welding, fabrication, and machining of large and small batch jobs. We pride ourselves in our ability to customize our services to meet each customer’s unique requirements. We do not manufacture one particular product like a textile or steel producer. Instead, we produce custom steel parts as needed for a variety of industries. Metal Tech Inc. still maintains those backyard roots and work ethics that helped create who we are today. We maintain close and personal relationships with our customers, and our service to you will remain our #1 commitment.

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